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We are a team of three and let our imagination run wild. The result is a world of pickles - but not just any normal pickles! Immerse yourself in a world of very special pickles, a world in which one pickle is not like the other. We put a lot of love, time and energy into every single pickle

- the PickedPickles!

Meet the pickles team


chief operations officer

Hey guys, im ländlort, the project manager and marketing associate at PickedPickles!
I started this project to revolutionize the amount of community interaction that is possible between artists and community members and am glad youre here to experience this journey with us!

chief creative officer

Hello guys, i‘m Skrrtman and im the creative director of the pickle family! I am drawing all the pickles you know and love by hand, aswell as all the other artworks and i also help with all blockchain related stuff

chief technical officer

Hello guys, my name is Kyrol. I mainly take care of things that run in the background, if its the technology, the website, or planning the future of PickedPickles (new collections, new events and more!), i'm onto it!